[Firefox] DownThemAll Extension

Downthemall screenshot

If you use Firefox, an invaluable Firefox extension is a plugin called DownThemAll. This is a great download manager built just for Firefox. No longer do you need third party programs like GetRight or GoZilla.

How it works is this: When you download a file (or you can manually right-click a webpage and select DownThemAll), you will get a window asking you what you want to download.

Have a class website with a lot of pdf files? Instead of downloading each one by one manually, use DownThemAll! It will select all the pdf files for you, and download to a folder of your choice. The nice part of the download manager is you can pause and resume downloads, and it also supports simultaneous downloads.

Thus, if you have one big file, DownThemAll will download different parts of the file at the same time, thus effectively maximizing your bandwidth. If you use rapidshare, you can use DownThemAll to collect all your rapidshare links, and download stuff for you without your intervention. Now that is convenience!

Check it out at http://www.downthemall.net/.

[Update Oct 16th] Downthemall works great if you have a premium rapidshare account. Check out screenshot below, I was able to download a movie using Downthemall. Voltaire, eat your heart out. It’s partly my fault, as I did not originally mention that I was using a premium account, but now you know.

Downthemall rapidshare

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  1. Actually rock, you should’ve let me write this because DTA is like my firefox downloader forever.


    RS is not stupid, and they dont want to let you use dl managers other than FlashGot or something. (this is better than flashgot… so hmm, bribes anyone?)
    What will happen? you will be stuck dl-ing thru DTA forever if you use Rapidshare. it will stop you at some % and restart. this happens infinitely, so you will never finish.

  2. Really? Please explain how I was able to get a PS2 game last night through DTA, and rapidshare.

  3. Well, you were logged on as a premium account. once you use a premium account, all rules are gone, and all bets disappear.

    premium accounts are “paid” for, thus RS does not want to lose customers by doing stupid things.

    remember, they are not stupid

  4. I should have said in the beginning I was using a premium account.

  5. well of course, just remember that all the rules of non-premium members do not have to apply, but since all bets are off, they can.

  6. Post updated with screenshot to verify my claim. Some people have no faith.

  7. Bringing back a good post. Zing.

  8. DownthemAll v.1 is a catastrophe. First it wiped out 149 file records I used the GOOD version [] to keep track of, and now this new one won’t even let you Resume, Pause, [!!]choose which entry to download first, or remove a Canceled or Paused from the list! Several of the previous and most useful GUI items are also missing, and entering a new item in its list immediately launches an unstoppable download, instead of just capting the url for a workable time later. The whole point of a download manager is so you can schedule, and not interfere with surfing. Dta-1 makes either impossible, and usually breaks your connection with those onslaughts. It never did Autoresume when interrupted, but now the package is unusable. Please warn others! Sis

  9. The biggest issue with DTA is no scheduler… anyone know how to invoke DTA to start via Vista Scheduler through Firefox?

  10. Great post – thanks. And actually it works a treat with a premimum account – but you forgot to mention that you have to change your premium account settings to do donwloads directly (in case some lamers forgot)

    ps I’m a lamer who forgot 😉

  11. The rapidshare tip was awesome. I am using linux and Flashget is not working with flashgot properly for me. You tip saved my day. Thanks

  12. Versatile, thanks for the idea of downthemall, but i still don’t know where you can set the login an password of the premium acount.

  13. You have to go into the advanced settings for Downthemall.

  14. To Versatile1

    You must Log in to rapidshare account via http (by your browser) that’s it after download you can log out

  15. so no one knows a way to invoke the DTA to schedule downloads?

  16. I use an autoit script to start up firefox, start downthemall, then close it all. It happens nightly from 11pm – ~7am. DTA manager must be maximized iirc. Learn a bit of autoit and you can manipulate it to fit your schedule.

    $secondsToStop = 28200000
    If @WDAY == 6 Then ;if Friday, download all weekend!
    ; 60/14 hrs = 4.285714286 (run that many times longer over the weekend)
    $secondsToStop = 100000000

    Run(“c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”)
    WinWaitActive(“Google – Mozilla Firefox”)
    Send(“{ALT}T{DOWN 5}{RIGHT}{DOWN 2}{ENTER}”)
    MouseMove(136, 53)

    WinClose(“Google – Mozilla Firefox”)
    Sleep($secondsToStop) ;dl until specified wait time, then shutdown

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