[Game Ending] X-men Arcade from 1992

Continuing in the spirit on the search for game endings, today I bring you the arcade classic X-Men Arcade. Remember this game? You can have 4 players playing at same time, and the gameplay was tight for its time! I remember playing this at the arcades, and now you too can play it with MAME emulators. Want to know how? Leave a comment! Enjoy!

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  1. John, that is a very incomplete comment. Next time post enough words or I will mark it as spam.

    For everyone’s recollection, John here just said “how” in his comment and nothing else.

  2. well, you seem ot have made it go away 😛

  3. Is there a way to play it using Mac OSX? I really want to play this game, I remember playing it at the local diner in the lobby when I was a kid.

  4. This is what I suggest you do. Get a virtual machine, like parallels or crossfire? Emulate windows and play it!

  5. first, emulate windows.
    then, find the MAME emulator, or whatever emulator will play the game. then, get the emulator game and play!

  6. Um, thats what I described. Great job reiterating my post Voltaire.

  7. i’m computer stupid and i love this game but i don’t know how to get an immulater for my computer or how to even find this game to download it to play it… HELP!

  8. Does that sound like a tutorial request Wolf13? Check back for tutorial soon on main page. 😛

  9. Wolf13, new tutorial is up! Haha, that was quick. Talk about 30 min turnaround. Boo ya!

  10. Where do I get the emulator game at and how do I set the emulator up. I really loved this game and I would be so happy to have it on my computer. Thanks

  11. Yeah I finally got the link to work right after I posted my comment. The first 3 times I clicked on the link the page wouldnt load so I thought the link was broken

  12. Wow, i use to spend tons of quarters at my local arcade to play this game. Ahh, those were great times.

  13. God I loved this game, it use to be in an old skating ring when I was a kid, and me and my friends got summer passes for the skating ring just to play this game. Those were the days…

  14. What an awsome game that was. it was my all time favorite!I do wsh i could play it again like when i was a kid.

    • @Eli: I remember when I was at the arcades as a kid and playing this game, and the simpsons.

      So many quarters wasted. Now I own a Hori Arcade stick, so I can re-live these moments again. ;p

  15. Craig Allegretto

    I still am unable to download the x-men game. I would love to play this old school game. Can anyone help me through the downloading steps?

  16. Craig Allegretto

    I am not extemely computer literate. I am downloading the things I have to but when I get to the last step, the game does not appear under available.

  17. Is it possible to configure this game running on MAME to use a controller rather than a keyboard?

  18. Cómo puedo hacer eso?

  19. i cant seem to find the MAME emulator file folder so that i can unzip it. that seems to be the only your tutorial is missing. could you help me out please?

  20. I want to play the X-Men game on my computer, but I have no idea what to do and how to do it. If there is anyone who could help me out and guide me through the process, I would be very appreciative. I’ve been trying to find ways to play, and my only option thus far would be to BUY AN ARCADE MACHINE OFF OF EBAY! I can’t do that, so this would be amazing if anyone could let me know the steps. I LOVE THIS GAME! THANKS ALOT!

  21. this ish!!! was the Ish!!! back in the days I would Murk On it I would Spend A Ish load of washingtons on this game and when ever I had to cool off this was the game dam I miss it This is one of my all time fave along side WWF Wrestelfest ClaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSic’s

  22. I need this game

  23. Wow, I remember playing this years ago. Thank you for this and lots of love!

  24. i cant find the game! i wanna play it! does anyone kno the link? http://www.filedropper.com/xmen_2(this one isnt workin)

  25. where can i download it??!!!!

  26. I followed the tutorial, but when I try to audit all files, nothing is found. I even try to play afterwards and it gives me file not found, for every file that shows up. Any ideas what else I need to do? Should the xmen files be zipped or unzipped, I tried both but neither worked.

    • You are not following the tutorial correctly. I have screenshots, and when I follow my own tutorial, everything works fine. I don’t understand how you can follow the same steps I do, and still get failure.

  27. I found your other page: file:///F:/%5BTutorial%5D%20How%20to%20Play%20MAME%20Roms%20in%20Windows%20%C2%AB%20Welcome%20to%20the%20Underground.htm

    I did every step and the game starts. At the beginning, where there is a warning, it says to press OK. But neither my keyboard nor my gamepad responds so I can continue. Do I need another mapping program to configure my gamepad and/or keyboard?
    Please help.

  28. correction…my mind didn’t noticed “TYPE ok” as opposed to click ok *facepalm* lol
    But I DO have another question: are there any roms for King of Fighter XI??

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