Boxxy – An Infamous Internet Sensation


A while ago I was reading a random article, and I came across this crazy internet sensation on youtube over an individual who names herself as Boxxy.

I don’t care to understand the entire story behind this sensation, but it is the talk of the 4chan forums and everything related about the internet.

Below is the video that caused people to hate her or love her:

I don’t have the entire background story, but here is an excerpt I pulled from another site:

“At Christmas, the video – by then languishing in YouTube’s vaults – got posted to i-am-bored, and from there hit 4Chan, and in particular the site’s /b/ messageboard… the heartland for many memes (and definitely NSFW). Why? Nobody’s sure. Was Boxxy herself behind it? Or was she simply a vehicle for fans who liked her camgirl approach, apparent ADD and weirdly excitable behaviour?

Over the subsequent days and weeks, Boxxy became a topic of contention on 4Chan – with the site splitting into two groups; those who professed to love Boxxy and all she stood for and those who hated Boxxy and her fans. Every thread threaten to spill over into Boxxy spam or a flamewar, and hundreds of 4channers went hacking Boxxy’s YouTube account and other websites in search of her true identity. So far they don’t seem to have succeeded.

Things really came to a head, though, when Boxxy haters – sick of seeing so much about her on 4Chan – decided to launch a denial of service attack on the website itself, bringing it down for some hours as a protest.

Things haven’t stopped there, though. The YouTube channel Boxxybabee is the site’s most-subscribed to for the month; videos are still being made about how much people hate Boxxy, and her influence continues to spread inexplicably.”

There are two more videos, but if you really want to see them, go on over to Youtube and search for username boxxybabee.  Trust me, you are not missing much for year 2009.  There are more important things to focus on. ;p


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  1. I watched two of the videos. I’m not sure what to think. I think YouTube has a lot of potential to allow people to freely express themselves. Some people should not express themselves lol.

  2. ah this girl is the love of my life i need her so badly, anyone got any nudes of her i only know of this

  3. Ey Boxxy chupa pito PUTA

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