[How To] Determine DVD Class Media

12-26-09: Added new Youtube link.

11-28-12: Fixed youtube video link.

This video was made because I was sick of people asking why their DVD+R or DVD-R discs do not work in their PS2.  By watching this video, you will have the knowledge to determine if you are using quality media or not.

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  1. hwy, i would like to ask you guys something.

    i have an xbox 360 game that is scratched. it was original. do you know how to clean em? or if i need to mod my xbox to play cracked games?

    • I clean my digital discs with water, remember to only go outward, not in circles!

      Yes, you need to mod your xbox, the dvd drive actually to play cracked games, and you will need a spindle of Verbatim Dual layered dvds.

  2. The link to the video on how to determine DVD class media is down. I a tutorial can be put up or even another video that would be great. I too have been having problems with my PS2 not being able to play a disc that I burn.

  3. Berkay OZDENOGLU

    Thanks for the great tip!

    If you have Nero Toolkit installed then you can have this info from the ‘Disk’ tab in Nero InfoTool. But that gives only the Media ID, You can learn the manufacturer from the related site though. “http://www.digitalfaq.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm”

  4. Iwanttoplayps2games

    Hi is someone is is here or will be! I cant thind the dvd decrypter site!

  5. Hi
    Great tutorials! thanx.
    However this vid on dvd media not working in my browser. which info do I need from the ISO before knowing its good enuf to burn? Do need to use VerbatiM? Thank you

  6. Hi
    I recently downloaded god of war2, after my disc got all scratched up and stayed stuck in loading screens and in game videos. im also pretty familiar with iso nrg mdf mds file types, have encountered them succesfully prior.
    My ps2 is armed with a modchip.
    My q to u is, what dvd should i use, as in what are the general things i should look for while determining the dvd class, and the write speed?
    Cuz i wrote the iso, in the proper way, and the disc dusnt read up so im pretty sure its a dvd issue.
    help appreciated

    • We really had a research on this,
      A genuine disk reads at low Lens pickup.
      A Backup disk reads at high Lens pickup.

      Thats why u/v had problems. find a suitable DVD/R manufacturer for ur Lens PickUp setting.
      What ever class it has. I Used dirtiest class with no lag. 😉

      >U can set ur Pick up with DVD/r,after doing that u’ll face same problem with Genuine disks.

  7. Guys, video is still down 😦

  8. why is there problems with your videos? Why is it going down frequently?
    You can’t expect readers to come back regularly to check if its up.
    Before making tuts, get a good knowledge on how to keep up a blog.

    • It’s a long story. The videos were hosted on a previous youtube account, which then got banned 3 years later. There are various videos that will have to be re-made, and then to remember which blog articles reference said videos is a project in it of itself. I will have the video re-done, sorry for the inconvenience.

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