The Ridiculous Digital War – Windows XP Vs 7

4-5-10: Initial release.

Today someone on Yahoo Messenger had asked me which is better, Windows XP or Windows 7 because my co-host HelloMe7 said that Windows 7 was utter junk (actually, he said something else but I will keep it clean) and he wanted my opinion.

You know what I said? It was something along the lines of:

Oh c’mon!  The answer is all about perspective. For many, Windows 7 is the best next thing to sliced bread, and for others, Windows XP is and will always be the best thing.

Honestly, I could rant on and on. If you search google for “XP versus Windows 7”, there are lots of articles about it. Here is one below:

Sample Benchmark

For old machines, Windows XP will be the best operating system. For newer hardware optimized for Windows 7, then the new OS will operate better than Windows XP.  In short, is Windows XP better than Windows 7?  The true answer is yes and no.  The sooner you are able to realize that answer, then the easier it is for you to move on with life.

Honestly, who really cares? If you have to ask how much something is, chances are you cannot afford it.  If you have to ask if Windows 7 is better than Windows XP, then chances are you are not going to upgrade (unless enough people push you).

In the world of increasing number of 64-bit systems, multi-core processors, larger hard drives, and systems with more than 2GB of RAM, what does it matter that a program in Windows XP consumes 25MB of RAM, and in Windows 7 it uses 30 MB?

True, Windows XP in most instances will run better than Windows 7.  But who is keeping track of CPU cycles?

I ask that you stop living through other experiences to make your own experience. How about you live through your own journey and make a decision for yourself?

A good example is the critics said that comedy movie “Office Space” is worth 1 star.  Well, guess what guys? The movie was a huge success on DVD sales and formed a cult following. Hell, I love that movie too. The critics can go tie an anchor to their feet and jump off a boat.

The same thing with the software wars. Whenever somebody says XP is better than 7, or Xbox 360 is better than Playstation, I just nod my head yes while deep inside I am full of apathy because I don’t care. I have a machine that I built years ago, and it runs both OS solidly.

Those who have to make a comparison are those who have legacy hardware, and they have to make an “excuse” for themselves to complain about Windows 7.  It turns out that Windows 7 has the same system requirements as Windows Vista, which is unheard of because system requirements for a new OS is supposed to increase, not remain the same?  How many of these complainers are talking about that accomplishment?  Exactly.

What do you guys think?  You know in the end whatever you will say is not going to change my mind, because I really love and enjoy Windows 7.   I just do not see the value for the sake of time arguing about something that is modern day is all. Tangent conversations for the win?  You can start it, but you can be assured I won’t help you make it last very long because I will make you the winner.

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  1. Another ridiculous example is a Microsoft Xbox 360 fanboy saying that PS2 is a piece of garbage. I bet the people who have a modded PS2 with a game library of 170+ will also believe it is a garbage system too.

    It’s all about perspective. Learn not to take offense to heart. It’s about what matters to YOU, and only you. “Stick and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt me” is how the rhyme goes and still does apply in the 21st digital century.

  2. I’m totally with ya on this concept. I think my only thing about Win7 that’s a huge positive is that compared to the release of most previous Microshaft operating systems, it was a very solid product at launch (MAJOR shocker). I also say to those who argue that one system is better than another to step into the world of multiple operating systems and/or virtual computing to utilize the benefits of each OS. For some older game titles and applications winXP runs them without issue due to older DirectX requirements, or certain windows runtime modules whereas newer titles need more EVERYTHING in order to run smoothly. Pretty much any type of user (other than n00bs) could benefit from running more than one OS (or build of an OS), and these days setting up multiple operating systems on one computer is a piece of cake. There’s no excuse for being that douchebag who argues that a certain build of Windows is better than another.

  3. XP vs 7. Such a silly question. It’s not so much the comparison as much as the fact that people compare the two. I, for one, would love to really use 7, but I still use XP because I find nothing WRONG with the system.

    I modded up my XP and it runs beautifully, 3 or 4 years after its installation. I really know how to use it, so it does exactly what I want. I would venture to say the same exact thing about windows 7. Once you know how to use it; once you come to embrace it, it’s great. there can be no comparison. i dont know if there is any truth to the statement of “once you go there you won’t look back” because of the new snazzy features, but its not because its “better”. it’s what you prefer, what you need, and how you experience it that makes the difference.

  4. In my opinion Windows XP and Win 7 are both great. I like the fact that 7 has more features a nicer GUI, and I have also had problems in the past with XP that I do not have with windows 7, for example game compatibility. One other thing that I have noticed about xp is the how it gets progressively slower and slower. I have not see this in 7 yet. Yes I agree who cares which is better, they both have their pros and cons.

  5. You can’t run dx10/11 on XP that was my main reason to upgrade. Other than that it’s pretty much the same for me.

  6. I do a lot of work on the home PC and my laptop, both run Windows 7. There are a lot of coding, simulations etc that required many applications to be running simultaneously. Most of the times I would need two or more windows to be on the screen at the same instant, and Aero Snap and Peak manage that beautifully, either with Win+left right up and down, or by a simple dragging of the mouse.

    Then I would work at school at times, which runs either XP or a UNIX variant, and let me tell you, the pain is excruciating.

  7. Windows 7 is very cool. Who would not use it if they could? (Just my opinion)

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