Messing with the Nature Caused Global Warming. Messing with it more might fix it

I am going to tell you something I probably shouldn’t: we may not be able to stop global warming. The Arctic Ocean, which experienced record melting last year, could be ice-free in summer as soon as 2013, decades ahead of what earlier models told us. We need to begin curbing global greenhouse emissions right now, but more than a decade after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the world has utterly failed to do so.

 Stop Global Warming!

For most environmentalists, the answer to depressing litany is to keep pushing the same message harder: cut carbon and cut it now. But a few scientists are beginning to quietly raise the possibility of cooling the planet’s fever by geoengineering. The principle is straightforward – compensate for an intensified greenhouse effect by reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth – but the technique seems like pure science fiction. Just a few: using orbiting satellite mirrors to bounce sunlight back into space, fertilizing the oceans with iron to amplify their ability to absorb carbon and even painting roofs white to increase solar radiation.

Geoengineering has long been the province of kooks, but as the difficulty of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has become harder to ignore, it is slowly emerging as an option of last resort. The tipping point came in 2006, when Nobel Prize – winning atmospheric scientist Paul Crutzen published an editorial examining the possibility of releasing vast amounts of sulfurous debris into the  atmosphere to create haze that would keep the planet cool. The price tag is even more amazing: somewhere between, a few hundred million dollars and a couple of billion dollars a year. Over the past couple of years, Global Warming has gone from being an outsider thing to something that is increasingly discussed.

The truth is, we’re already performing an unauthorized experiment on our climate by adding billions of tons of manmade carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Unless the geopolitics of global warmi9ng change soon, the Hail Mary pass of geoengineering might become our best shot.

What do you think? Comment please =) Thanks!!!

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  1. I totally agree, many steps need to be taken to clean up global warming. We need to focus on cutting emissions as well as fixing them. Things like car pooling, using the bus or subway to go to work from the suburbs to the city, getting better MPG on our cars, using fewer SUVs. Turning off lights and heat when you don’t need it. Wearing an extra sweater and using less heat to warm the house. Using better light bulbs.
    All these things help cut the carbon dioxide being released.

  2. We are pretty much screwed. So what is the worst case scenario with Arctic Ocean being completely water, drown one of the continents?

  3. Tizil 7 (Jvalin Tejpal)

    Well, thats really extreme Versatile, by yeah, you could imagine a world without Maldives, NY, Mumbai. Also, turn OFF your computer when you aren’t using it; don’t put it on hibernation. It still sucks energy. Let us all contribute to saving the planet!

  4. Let me understand this. Because the ice melts, water will overflow onto land? Unless I’m mistaken, floating ice in a full glass of water will not change the level of the water.
    unless there is a lot of ice/snow above land…

  5. Tizil 7 (Jvalin Tejpal)

    Its all about density, since ice has a lower density than water, therefore it floats on water. When the ice melts, it will increase the level of water as it adds to the volume of water. This can be understood more simply by doing an experiment:

    Add 2 ice cubes to glass of water and mark the level of water. Let the ice melt and see the difference in the level of water. Now image that on a large scale. Now you understand??

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