[STD] Craigslist Is Great!


4-7-10: Initial release.

Define STD: STD for The Underground Blog is short for Savvy Tech Dude/Dudette. The STD story is my attempt to share some insight into some of my practices, as well as others as to how they are using technology to make their life better, saving money, or perhaps bettering the environment. (Hopefully, I can find a female contributor… 🙂 )

Frequency of Story: When it feels right.

Personal Comment: I really love the STD idea, and with topics so broad, I can go anywhere with this series. The question is, how far down the rabbit hole do you and I want to go? 😛

In the meantime, I encourage all forms of interaction. Please sound off in comments, I’d appreciate it. If you have an idea, or want me to consider something different, I will. If you want to spread the word, be my guest. As time goes along, I’m asking for people to contribute, or if you want to be interviewed (I’ll protect your identity), then we can dig deeper. Please consider my offer, thanks!

In the picture above, that is my Dell model number 922 that I got from Craigslist today.  Below is a picture of a bag of chips.

Both objects are vastly different, but in today’s case, can you tell me how they are the same?  Let’s see:

  • Both have to be manufactured from a vendor.
  • Both originally came in some kind of packaging. (plastic bag versus UPS box)
  • They both have color.

All right fine, let’s stop looking at the obvious stuff and dig a bit deeper.  How about you stop for a second and guess how much I paid for both of these items.  Are they related or not?

Logically, a bag of chips  (ok, let’s make it 2 bags of chips) can be bought for how much approximately?  If you said five dollars, then you are a pretty good number guesser.

Now above is a Dell All in One machine, meaning it can print, scan, and do faxes. How much do you think it is worth? Maybe when it was brand new, let’s say it is at least $60+ is a good estimate.  A quick look at Amazon.com tells me I can get a used model for $29.99 before shipping and handling.

How much did I get my printer from Craigslist for?  If you said $30, that would be a good guess.  Nope, I did not pay $30 dollars. Try lower. $20?  Nope. $15? Nope.

Hmm. $10 right?  No way anybody in their right mind would sell it for any less than that.

You paid $10 for it, right?

*smiles* I paid less than $10. Remember when I asked how much two bags of chips were?  As a true STD, I had a choice. Pay $5 for two bags of chips that I can eat and have disappear in a week, or use the same $5 to buy an all in one printer machine! Yes, that is correct. I bought this wonderful piece of equipment for a measly five dollars!

The lady said it was low on ink, and that was fine. It just came with a power cable, and the machine does work. I only have intentions to use the scanning portion of it, because I want to start using program Evernote hardcore and with a scanner, I can now scan all my receipts, papers, drawings, and whatever to be easily searchable.

Now isn’t that smart! I have trolled my local GoodWill store. They sell scanners, but $20 bucks. I have looked online at Craigslist for the past 3 weeks and I saw prices from $10 to as high as $60. Also, you have to look at the location these guys are selling from.

Last week, I found an ad from a lady who is selling her machine for $5. I could not believe it! The best part of it was it was local in my neighborhood! Talk about an opportunity full of win!

So I instantly e-mailed her, and today we met and I picked it up and paid her. I have my own USB cable, so no extra costs on my end.

The moral of the story is that the True STD should use Craigslist to find if there are any stellar deals around your neighborhood. Who knows, you might get lucky like I did!

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  1. venomouswonder

    Amazing what you can find on Craigslist these days, huh?!

  2. I just got a ticket for a Liverpool football(soccer) game for 2 pounds and i thought i better shared this here. 😀
    Buying these tickets are amazingly costly, and to get it for something like $3 is awesome !!
    I wanted to know whether they had everything, and hence i wanted to see if they had any of these tickets and wow, there were lots of them and i ended up getting one!.. lmao

    Thanks Venomouswonder, for making me search for the tickets !.. It was your question, which sparked this idea !

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