January 10th Blog Update


1-10-11: Initial release.

So I just wanted to write off this quick post to let you guys know that the blog is indeed alive, and that I am still here.

Even though my Vietnam vacation trip is over, I am still feeling faint side effects of the jetlag of the +13 hour time zone difference, but I am just about getting over it now.

During my time away, I had been working on a vpn movie type script, since being on a 6 hour bus ride here and there, plus 20 hour flights really gave me a lot of free time to think about life and everything else in between.

One of the comments I still hold dear to my heart is that we need to go back to our roots. More underground related articles to help your digital life, am I right?

Oh trust me, I got a slew of ideas to really blog about this year, and 2011 is going to be a better year than 2010. Last year we did the release of the underground ebook, and this year what will I do?

Right now I’m working on this conceptual short movie that I am working right now for my youtube gamedexterity account that will be released by the end of January.

In a nutshell, it is about a PC user who is disgrunted with the PC industry. His favorite PC game official servers has been discontinued, meaning that he can’t even play his game online anymore. He almost gives up, until he learned that there are VPN programs he can use for gaming purposes to play LAN online. From there, he goes on a journey to test each of these 5 major programs (wippien, garena, tunngle, hamachi, gameranger) and during his journey, he calls what I shall call “gatekeepers” of each program to ask them additional questions. At the end of his journey, he then makes a recommendation to his audience as to what his conclusion is.

Now I know how boring it can be to just watch something and listen to a guy talking. This is why I had reached out to the community to help participate in the movie. In addition, not only will the movie be educational, it will be humorous as well with subtle game references.

Last Sunday I was recording the garena script session and it took over 4 hours because my friend and I kept re-writing the script to make it even more hilarious. I can’t wait to reveal the final version.

So once the movie is released, then we can expect more time to be spent here at the blog, as I too feel that it is not where it needs to be content wise. Sure, it is so much easier to make a video, but it takes skill, art, and patience to write an intriguing blog article.

With that said, I hope everyone else is doing well. We know this year is a BIG gaming year, with games like Far Cry 3, Crysis 2, Fear 3, and who could forget Portal 2 or Dota 2?

Enough said, I’m going to get some rest. Don’t be surprised if the skin of the blog changes this week, as I feel it needs a new uplift. Thanks!

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  1. gatekeepers?!! wow this issss interesting.. dying to see the output.
    ahh i got me and my brother move controller for ps3.. it has a cam free in it
    if u got the cam.. and i think any usb cam shud also be compatible.. didnt try though…
    try out the game called
    KUNG Fu LIVE demo and KUNG FU RIDER demo
    both available for free at ps store.. umm u dont have access to store right so just get thm for rent and try it out..

    now waiting for the killzone 3 game and game pack with extensions that will attach to my controller , i havent got a clue how it will be but in my imagination it sure looks like huuge gigantic robotic arms that also fires bullets!!! awessoooome!!

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