Google Print – Do You Use It?

12-31-12: Initial release.

So recently I had a family member ask me if it was possible to share a USB printer between two laptops, without having to disconnect the printer and connect from one laptop to the next.

After further thought, it just dawned on me that Google Print could be used, and this was a great opportunity to try it!

If you are not familiar with Google Print, basically it is a way for you to either share your Cloud Based Printer or a traditional printer between your computers, or share it with other people.

So for example, PC#1 is physically connected to the printer, but then let’s say I am at work or I’m out on the road. With my smartphone, I can print a document to my Google Print account, and by the time I get home, its already printed and waiting for me.

For my family, what I had them do is install Google chrome, enable Google Print, add their connected USB printer, and that was it!

So now no matter what laptop they are using in the house, as long as its connected to the Internet and to their Google Print account, they can print. There is one caveat though. The computer that is connected to the printer must be on at the time you want to print.

If not, well, you won’t be able to print, and I’m not sure if there is a print queue if your print is unsuccessful because the printer was off.

This has really simplified printing, without having the need to go find a special printer with network capabilities, and this allows you to reuse your existing equipment.

Have you tried Google Print? To learn more about the service, click here.

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