How To Play Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 LAN Online Using Tunngle

3-14-13: Initial release.

I love LAN games. I love to snipe people. What better way to do that then meld the two together and have a lot of good times?!

Click tunngle link below for the latest up to date instructions, and also my video tutorial!

Tunngle wiki with text instructions

Video Tutorial

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  1. Yoi Versatile! As Salam-o- Alaikum
    new dlc Map has came…like expention pack or something for online multiplayer! i want u to make one video for this new dlc and hoe to use it..and how is it….i have installed it ..but sot seeng any session of this new Map!

  2. i’d posted on mystryblock too! wordpress makes me sick! asks to login with wordpress account

  3. i’d applied that DLC on my 1.04 version…and i can create an online session! that DLC is not an installer one only copy and paste, i have not checked it with other versions cause latest update patches is not using most by tunnglers, thats why i am unable to see any session with new patches (eg. 1.05 and above)….. lets do it…
    that Map’s name is tower defence(no team play, its individual death match)..
    link to DLC!

    • I have no desire to continue to play this game, I have bigger things to fry. So moving forward, coordinate your game sessions with other gamers. You do not need me to have a good time. 🙂

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