Left 4 Dead 2 So soon? Has Valve Sold Out?

Left 4 Dead 2: Love it or Hate it?

Left 4 Dead 2: Love it or Hate it?

Shout out in the Comments people, tell us at the Underground what you think of Left 4 Dead 2 ‘s early release date.  Do you Love it or Hate it?

Left 4 Dead has been positively one of my favorite PC games of the past year.  So why wasn’t I so thrilled about hearing at E3 that Left 4 Dead 2 was being released this upcoming November?  First and foremost L4D1 is still just an infant in my Pc gaming library, meaning that I am still playing it regularly and it feels as if Valve is just abandoning a child they just had.  What happened to all the  downloadable content that we were promised? Just a survival map pack with only 1 “new” level (lighthouse) and vs mode for 2 campaigns that should have been released with the game in the first place, seriously Valve!!

It feels to me as if the fan favorite Valve is just cashing in on a franchise, something they have never really done before.  For example Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike 1- 2, Half-Life 1-2 all had significant times in between sequels and received tons of fan based material and new DLC.  It took Valve supposedly 4-5 years to make Left 4 Dead and they pump out a sequel that’s supposed to get us excited in 1 year?  I doubt it but I sure hope I’m wrong.

Certainly I’m not the only person to feel as if I’ve been abandoned for liking l4d.  This announcement has caused all kinds of controversy over the net along with the fact that the sequel will have daytime environments, ugh!  Right now I’m not sure what to think about all of this, perhaps this is the game Valve intended on releasing all along.  I loved l4d but it always did seem short to me and without the release of the SDK until 2 months ago now the community is finally getting maps out to us but still no definitive campaigns.  Honestly I’ve been waiting for at least 8 months for the release of the Dead before Dawn map and it just received a July 1st release date*crossed fingers*.  Still no news from Valve for any new campaigns like we were promised.  Guess we’ll just have to shell out the 50 bucks this November for them huh?

I could continue this post forever probably just stating my disgust about this upcoming November.  But honesty I want to hear what you the reader has to say on this subject.   Shout out in the comments below about whether you welcome the sequel so soon or if you hate it’s early release and the new daytime direction that Valve is taking this franchise.

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  1. When I heard L4D 2 was coming out like everyone else, I too was surprised. So soon? 1 year later? Valve has said all the new stuff had to be in a new game, and there is no way it could be a part of an expansion pack.

    Valve knows best, and I trust them. But why now? Surely they could have waited one more year and fine tune the L4D 2 game, but maybe they are eager for the money, especially during a time of recession.

    As a casual gamer, and one who played L4D hardcore for 5 straight months, I am sick of playing L4D. Getting golds in survival mode has “completed” me, and I have no urge to play L4D these days surprisingly.

    Killing floor has temporarily filled that void, and I’m sure when L4D 2 will come, all hell will break loose and I will be there on the forefront.

    Being a person who knows the system, I am playing L4D 1 via other means, so in short, I never did pay for the 1st game. A new game so soon doesn’t really phase me, but I could see why those who bought the game could be pissed.

    Valve “assures” the community that they have not forgotten L4D 1, and that they will continue to support L4D 1 and to add new stuff to it as time goes on. They are committed to keeping the game alive, but c’mon. When you have L4D 2 that is rocking the charts, where is the incentive to keep L4D 1 alive?

    I suppose it is analogous to Counterstrike 1.6 and Counterstrike Source. How well is Counterstrike 1.6 doing these days? >_< Exactly.

  2. I totally agree, we want more updates for L4D1 before we continue to L4D2!

  3. Daveeeeeeeeee

    I agree with most of the comments above, about all the new DLCs which would be pretty nice.

    However I’ve been reading some PC magazines and some people are thinking the exact opposite of us.

    Many people have complained about the DLCs and many patches, such as the ‘melee fatigue’ thing Valve added. People like this complain that they ruined L4D because they had such a fun time pwning with the tank, until it got that melee fatigue. And a quote from him: “What’s next? A tank with wings?”

    I think I can understand why people would think like this, and how it may ruin the game for them. They simply hate that fact that the past months had so many updates it did ruin the game. Heaps of people are hoping that L4D2 won’t have so many updates in such a short period of time, unless it’s for glitch fixes.

    My own views of Valve releasing L4D2 is maybe exciting, for some aspects. However, as V1 said, they should wait longer to tune L4D2. Waiting an extra year, or two years, would make them more able to tune L4D2 better. The release dates of L4D1 and L4D2 are close enough so that the graphics are virtually the same, unlike other games which have multiple sequels.

    Oh by the way, can someone tell me how to host a survival on a different map? I keep failing. ;\

    On another matter, there’s been so much talk about Killing Floor. When I first heard about it, I dismissed it shortly. But one day I went on Garena (as the Hamachi servers were empty) and I found a heap of people playing Killing Floor. This sparked my interest into getting -cough-*torrenting/downloading -cough- it. (anyone get any good links to Killing Floor?)

    Oh yeah, hopefully they make L4D 2 a tad more realistic due to the fact that most of these characters are normal civilians who wouldn’t really be so healthy, energetic and basically invincible.

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