Colored Joke? >_>

I was in the hamachi channel today, and Underground viewer Seb sent me this joke.  I laughed pretty hard, so here it is for the rest of you guys to see.

Note:  This is a joke.  No way does the Underground Staff indirectly supports racism by posting this joke.  Just keep an open mind and live a little.  ~ Versatile

  • “Listen sir…”
  • When I was born, I was BLACK.”
  • “When I grew up, I was BLACK.”
  • “When I’m sick, I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I go in the sun ,I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I’m cold, I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I die, I’ll be BLACK.”
  • “But you sir –  When you are born, you’re PINK.”
  • “When you grow up, you’re WHITE.”
  • “When you’re sick, you’re GREEN.”
  • “When you go in the sun, you turn RED.”
  • “When you’re cold, you turn BLUE.”
  • “And when you die, you’ll turn PURPLE.”
  • “And you have the nerve to call me colored?”

The black man then sat down and the white man walked away.

Do you get it? >_>

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Posted on June 19, 2009, in Humor and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Daveeeeeeeeee

    Yea I heard that back a while ago. It made sense.

  2. old school in your face jokes. heard it a while back, its a good attack on racism.

  3. Lol It made me laugh, but its quite old… I heard it 4 years back 😛 but the laughter lives on 😉

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