February’s Youtube Wallpaper Contest Winner – Sarge198!!!

Sarge198 is February’s winner for the Youtube wallpaper contest. When I come back from my trip next week, I will make the next Youtube video tutorial with Sarge’s Wallpaper featured in it.

Trivia Fact: Although this time around I did participate in the contest, I did not vote for my own submission. Instead, I voted for Ice’s Anime wallpaper. What would have happened if there was a tie?  Well, once we get there then we will figure it out. Congratulations to all those who participated!

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  1. Congratulations @ Sarge198
    That underground+fallout 3 combination deserved to win and it did.

    Rofl…. I got V1’s Vote.

    Lmao… To be honest, i voted for myself.
    That’s how democracy rolls… You vote for yourself ! 😐

  2. I voted for this one…it’s such a killer wallpaper! Added bonus…it says Underground (which, for those that aren’t aware…is actually the original wallpaper…it’s not something that was added). Nice

  3. 😀 used that image as my wallpaper for a year. Brings back good memoryes.

  4. Cool! I didn’t think it would win. Guess I was wrong.

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