Bywifi vs Speedbit

Before we start i would like to apologize for not updating also that i want to make a professional style blog with all the information there. I was going to make a YouTube video with this im not sure if I should or will 😛

I’m sure most of the underground watches YouTube and other video streaming sites videos on a fairly regular basis. But what if the video takes too long to load?

These two programs both boast video accelerating functionality but which is better?

Let’s start of with a simple pro’s and cons comparison shall we… well yes coz im writing this and I can do what I want 😛

Speed bit supports windows XP+ and a MAC beta

Bywifi supports from windows 95 to windows 7

SpeedBit Video Accelerator: Pro’s

  1. Great user interface
  2. Sleek
  3. A free version which supports up to HQ video’s
  4. 500+ sites supported
  5. Descent support
  6. Easy to use

 And the Cons

  1. You need to pay for full version to unlock HD support
  2. Doesn’t seem to work after a while
  3. Some sites not supported

Bywifi Media Accelerator: Pro’s

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Quick installation
  3. Fast video download
  4. Easy to use
  5. Supports all sites ( so far)
  6. Speeds up Normal, HQ and HD Video’s
  7. If a video if loaded once it will load instantly

And the Cons

  1. Bad User interface
  2. Seems to save video’s in a folder adding up to 2 gigs then starts overwriting
  3. Crashes occasionally ( Rarely if not at all)

With these in mind i should time the time it takes to load a YouTube video in all formats. The video will be GameDexterity’s The Beginning of the End is the Beginning at 9:15 * These tests were performed by me*

*Be aware that this is a Adsl 2+ Connection* * Video must be a full red bar for the timer to stop*

No Video Accelerator

  • Regular (360p)                = 6:00 minutes   
  • High Quality (480p)      = 8:54 minutes
  • High definition (720p) = 10+ minutes

SpeedBit Video Accelerator

  • Regular (360p)                = 2:27 minutes
  • High Quality (480p)      = 3:05 minutes
  • High definition (720p) = Will say it’s accelerating but isn’t. ( from what i gathered its about 5 minutes plus)

Bywifi Media Accelerator

  • Regular (360p)                = <10 seconds
  • High Quality (480p)      = 0;26 seconds
  • High definition (720p) = 2:08 minutes

WIth this said ultimately it’s up to you what you use.

Speedbit = 6/10

Bywifi       = 8.5/10


Want to contact me or play some games or just chat im usually on skype so add “mwc.arms” no “..”

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  1. So..? What do you think?

  2. I’m checking out Bywifi, thank you 🙂

  3. Just curious if you’ve tried either of these with the Flash 10.1 beta yet. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but it’s VERY impressive.

  4. I approve this, speed acceleration ftw!

  5. This is a topic that i’ve looked into. It was between speedbit, bywifi, and some other contenders that I don’t recall at this time. I have settled on bywifi version 1.9.0 and will not update it for a couple of reasons. First, no adds built into the client and second it doesn’t keep a list of videos you’ve downloaded (which is good from a privacy standpoint). Speedbit is, if memory serves, distributed by the same people that did DAP, which is known to be plagued by spyware/adware.

    Now, my question is, in bywifi, does anyone ever see any activity on the “P2P Bitrate?” Their whole selling point was supposed to be that they use P2P technology for acceleration, but all I ever see is HTML Bitrate working. I’ve contacted their support about this, but it was a marketing person answering e-mails and couldn’t even tell me how their “p2p tech” is supposed to work, not to mention how to make sure that my system is setup for “P2P Bitrate” to work.

    • Apparently bywifi connects to ‘said’ streaming site several times to load the video faster. This is what could have been meant by the p2p style system but i will look into it further 🙂

      • Using Windows 7’s resource monitor, I watched the traffic of bywifi.exe and it appears to be using P2P heavily, connecting many different PCs.

  6. Bywifi is better

  7. Started using it, as it seemed promising, but I don’t see the toolbar on my video screen. I am using Bywifi 2.0.1 and my browser is Firefox 3.5.7 . I don’t know what the problem is, as the webpage says that it supports firefox. Any suggestions ?

    • So far i havent got the toolbar in firefox but i have with IE but i know it is still accelerating in firefox

      and now i realise i forgot to show wich web browser i used :S

      • when i first started using it, i researched why it doesn’t show the toolbar in firefox. they said it is not supposed to give the toolbar in firefox. but it supports firefox in the sense that it accelerates videos.

    • I also use Firefox. There is no toolbar for Bywifi. After I restarted Firefox it started accelerating videos.

      I want to know if Bywifi is safe to use. Can anyone confirm if its safe? I had to unblock it in Windows Firewall to use it.

  8. butali aka inspector 71

    I wondered that too, thanks for the information

  9. When I used Speedbit webpages often didn’t load but with Bywifi I dont have any such problems(so far)

  10. I think Bywifi is supporting formats rather than websites, cause it has worked with every embed player i have yet encountered

  11. Bywifi does not support the new Flashplayer it seems, i was not able to load ANYTHING. Had to disable the program 😦

  12. I buffered a video of 1 1/2 hrs length for 20 mnts only and then disconnected my internet connection. After a day I wanted to watch the whole movie so I reopened the video page and buffering started almost immediately and rapidly to 20 mnts and then I allowed it to stream the whole way. I could also see that the whole video was downloaded in the bywifi folder but when I played the video it stops after 30 secs though the file size is huge. Wat’s wrong? BTW its from megavideo.

  13. If your not a member megavideo restricts your viewing to 75 minutes, also i think it was the update that had the problem with play back if u can get your hands on a previous release try that 🙂

  14. BrazilianPeople

    Sorry, but this test is fake!

    Speedbit is at least 5 times more fast in any situation that I tested in last 3 years and use much less cpu!

    But speedbit video accelerator is paid :/

    • not true bywifi so far the best video accelerator and 10 times faster than speedbit, and its free, well adware but who cares at least it doesnt bother me

  15. true does not support all sites but most of them work well

  16. Bywifi FTW !!! 😀

  17. i have this weird prob….m using bywifi 2.8….it works fine i guess… the accelaration isn’t as amazing, but its still good. but, for some reason, whenever bywifi is running, even if there isnt any video being run, it seems to take up all my memory….it seems to be a problem with rundll, where it keep du0licating, as per the task manager…i have no idea wht to do!! can someone help please???

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