Starcraft Tunngle Weekend


2-18-10: Initial release.

What we are going to do is about once a month until Starcraft 2 is released is host a Starcraft Tunngle weekend. If you enjoy playing Starcraft, please visit the Starcraft room in Tunngle this weekend and play with the guys. It will be a good time, and maybe you can brush up on your Starcraft skills in preparation for Starcraft 2!

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  1. Sorry cant join due latency issues. Live in Australia (bummer). BTW Starcraft II Beta, I’ve just cracked it,I plan to make a post soon.

  2. *cough* [url=]Simple search[/url]*cough*

  3. My cracking process uses, the same idea from styrder loader from l4d2 it emulates B.NET sign in and bypasses the passwords. It needs work though because on other pc’s it uses my ip, which is stuffs it up. I plan to some how compile a C# or C++ program which’ll work on different ip’s. It might take a while though. As soon as it works, I will post it.

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