Dear PIPA and ACTA, I Hate You

Piracy is an enormous problem, without a doubt. So I’m just going to jump into things right off the bat and begin by stating something that I haven’t heard anyone say so far regarding PIPA and ACTA: There are numerous other problems that are exponentially worse. Sure, piracy is a crime, but if it gets “omitted,” will that change the world for the better? I can, off of the top of my head, dish out a list of better causes that drops to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

1. Solve world hunger

2. Shelter the homeless

3. Solve global warming issues

4. Stop aids

5. Stop breast cancer

6. Stop any disease

7. Increase literacy rates

8. Stop oil starvation

9. Population control

10. Solve poor/rich distribution of wealth

This, I will not deceive you, is a list conjured from a pile of rubbish I thought up in thirty seconds. Although all of the above can be debated widely, the point is nonetheless clear: THERE ARE NUMEROUS AMOUNTS OF GREATER PROBLEMS THAN PIRACY!

Now, let me begin with the comparisons. There is a vast array of countries that prohibit piracy, and America is one of them (obviously). Now, my question to you, the reader, is “what is the only major country that piracy is not frowned upon?” Allow me to give you a hint or two: It’s a world superpower, it’s located in Asia, and over 95% of the goods sold in America derive from there. That’s right, you’ve guessed it! China!

Amazingly, real copies of things are harder to find than burnt ones! If one were to walk into a video store and attempt to browse their selection, you could find any movie without a doubt. Why? Because everything is burned, my good friend! Every movie you could possibly imagine, burned on a previously blank DVD that is now titled with a sharpie. Same goes for video games, programs, and just about any other form of data. What’s more amazing is that if the price is put into equivalent of the United States economy, the average movie would only cost you a whopping fifty cents! That’s right, the latest and greatest for only half of a dollar. Prices vary depending on how big the file is and how difficult it was to burn; still, the most expensive piece of data (if applied to our economy, once again) would be no more than five dollars.

Now, could you even possibly imagine how excellent it would be if you were only asked to dish out fifty cents for the newest blockbuster hit? Well I’d say that you don’t need to pirate whatsoever, because data doesn’t cost ridiculous amounts. Doesn’t it chafe you at least the tiniest bit knowing that a Chinese citizen only spends eight minutes out of his minimum-wage paycheck to purchase the newest release while you work for three plus hours to buy the “original” copy of that same exact movie? I assume it does. And the list doesn’t end there! Xbox 360 games, PS3 games, PC games, all programs, operating systems, and just about anything else you can imagine, all for under five dollars.

China, considered to be one of the most communist and controlled countries on Earth, condones piracy while America, said to be one of the freest and most prosperous countries in the world, does not? My fellow reader, if there is one thing I ask of you it is that you at least consider the possibility of betrayal by the American system and that you will also consider making a stand for yourself.

Long live free-world.

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  1. Piracy is a huge problem here in China. Even the government just got around to using legit copies of Microsoft and Adobe products after Western companies got uppity. But people sell pirated movies everywhere. There’s even a shop in front of the local police station. No one cares in China. Even Chinese movies and tv shows are pirated so it’s not like only Western movies are the only ones being targeted.

  2. Hmm.. Good post but dont worry about ACTA as it is an international bullshit and countries will be passing the blame before any action dont worry ACTA cant do shit.

    And about PS3 game piracy I really dont think PS3 can be modded to run backups a.k.a. Pirated content. Not sure tho about the info but honestly Sony doesnt take pirates casually.

    Now this is proper use of YouTube and blog. Using blogs for this and YT for tutorials.

    – And thats it i wont take more of your precious time.

  3. Excellente article, Love your writing style.
    There are many countries in the world where they dont enforce piracy act. Due to international pressure and complaints specifically from american companies , and companies that are tied with local companies once a year a police raid does happen at shops that sell pirated stuffs, However, 2 hours later the same street is again filled with vendors that are selling the pirated cds again.

    Piracy is a crime , but there are other imp things the govt recognises that needs far superior attention.

    However acknowledging piracy as a crime and then admitting to piracy is just wrong , In the end its just hypocrisy. What needs to be admitted is that piracy would not have been a crime had the rules been a bit more intelligent.

    Remember when the VhS came out? or the audio cassete players? ONly after a year of its market Boom , Both were deemed illegal As people could share and watch movies.. Eventually A revolt occured and the Film Organisation saw huge profit potentials going down with no sales on these medium. So they pulled the plug.

    Whatever seems profitable to the film industry is legal and otherwise is not an intelligent system.

    I continue to piracy(outsource) when i dont see the orignal (expensive)worthy.
    For instance i bought a toyota camry, But then i did not get the orignal DVD player with the fully Loaded specs. Instead i stripped off the sudio system while purchasing, Head over to the shops that sell cheap chinese players that have all options of media playing even the big sony boys dont support.

    DTS and all trade mark on it. 2wice as cheap as the orignal with more features than those guys would ever put in next 2 years.

    SO i didnt buy a chinese version of the car, :/
    I bought an orignal car because that was worthy in my opinion. But not the media player.

    How did i end up being a criminal, I dont have a clue, However , I assure one and all, I continue to do so.

    Even with the data Medium, If i find a software worthy at its price , I will buy it,

    Nokia Came up with an idea and technology and marked it its property. meaning no other brand can have that feature, Some sort of sharing thing like bluetooth( forgot its name)
    Guess what would happen if bluetooth was given propierty right to just one company, Or what if the 4 wheels on a car was given propierty right to just one company.

    All of these are ideas, All of them had a creator , a concept. Whats so different?
    Cruise control is not propeirty RIght of any company. .

    the system is at flaw, and unfortuntely money is of higher imprtance than intelligence.

    so be it Piracy. Fight against piracy is never going to be succesfull. I know that and every one reading the article already knows that.

    what we need is intelligent ppl and smart ppl to come out of the closet and come up with a proposal that will keep the hungry beast . satisfied , and thus remove such a system. (tape recorder remember)

    or just fight like a zombie mob scenario and hope we win against the powerfull so called intellectuals.

    • You are exactly on the point. If the stuff were affordable, I’d buy it, but unfortunately, it is not. The cost of living keeps escalating and yet our paychecks don’t seem to go any higher.

      And I appreciate the compliment, thank you.

  4. will try again

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