Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Single Player Timezone Fix

11-13-12: Initial release.

11-14-12: Update.

11-21-12: Fixed mediafire link

7-27-13: Fixed download link

So you got the Skidrow copy of black ops 2, and you are trying to play single player, and it doesn’t load?

Try this:

  • Install beta nvidia drivers if you have nvidia graphics card here.
  • Now install the  timezone fix included here. Extract it to your black ops 2 folder.
  • Play and have fun!

Update on 11-14-12:

Note: Today I tried to play the game and it crashed to a black screen, so I could never start the game. If you roll back your date to 11-13-12, the game works! Try it!

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  1. File removed…

  2. it doesnt work, maybe because the cracks are arent fixed yet

  3. Muhammad Rabi

    i installed your game but when i click the icon just nothing happens. i checked the task manager and it was showing that the app was running and was consuming 34% of the CPU.
    I appreciate your work but please help me with this problem

    • The problem is with call of duty black ops 2? Is that the game you are trying?

      • yes i am trying to run COD black ops 2 as well as some other games are doing the same thing
        here is my system configuration for reference
        AMD 8750CM triple core processor
        4 GB RAM
        1GB ATI Radeon HD 7770 GHz edition PCIe
        340GB Hard Disk

      • more over i tried your time zone fix but all it did was that a black screen comes like its loading the game and then the game crashed.
        i am using windows 8

  4. link broken

  5. To Play games the Best Option is :
    1. Install The Game. Apply no Crack
    2. Install update 1 and 2 . Then copy crack files to Black Ops 2 default Folder.
    3. Change Date to 13-11-2012 and time zone to Hongkong Beijing.(I Know its mentioned already but this is the only way you can play the game as I was trying for year to play the game trying no. of fixes but but succeeded until i have changed date and time zone)
    4. Voila !! Enjoy your game.


    Abishek Dubey is clearly mentioned about what to do and what not…just follow his precise instructions and you will end up in gaming Black Ops 2….

  7. unhandled excetion during installation what should i do now? please suggest ..

  8. yo brother Versatile , can you give me the link for the lastest fix of the CoD BO II please? THX!…

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