Drivermax backs up drivers

One Line Purpose
This is a freeware application that can import/export or snatch existing drivers for those who reinstall their operating system (OS) or lost their driver disk.

While perusing the internet for good software applications to try out, I came across this app at Download Squad claiming that it can back up and restore drivers.  Therefore, I downloaded the program, installed it, and backed up my currently existing drivers.

However, I had some mixed feelings when I imported my drivers into my newly installed Windows XP.  If there was anything that one should do when importing drivers is importing the ones that do not come prepackaged with windows such as printer, chipset, graphics card, etc.  Consequently, Drivermax froze on my dual core computer and left me hanging for a good 10 or so minutes when the site claims that it would only take up 5-10 minutes.  Hence, I resorted to my original driver discs to repair the loose ends from Drivermax.

Another qualm that I had with this program is that it prompted me to register this product with a free key supplied by its proprietary website, thus making it a trial version for 30 days despite it being free.  Also, the diagnostic test it does in the beginning is horribly ugly when it could be easily replaced with a progress bar.

In the end, if one would want to use this program, know exactly the drivers that need to be backed up and everything will be fine.  As for me, I think I’ll stick to driver cds.


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