April 18th – Underground Update

4-18-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, I will keep this short. This week I will be off on a business trip from Tuesday through Friday, so my activity on the blog and youtube will be extremely limited. It will depend on my wi-fi access at night.

In terms of what’s new, there is a lot! First thing is of course the video’s I’ve been making recently for game dexterity. If you are a PS2 or Xbox user, please check out the recent tutorials, as I’m sure they are very helpful.

In other news, I just got done modding a PS2 memory card (installing FMCB) for a user from Houston, Texas. At first both parties were skeptical of each other (can we trust each other), but the guy was smart and got a tracking number for his package. According to USPS, they tried my house at 1pm in the afternoon (I was at work), so they left a “notice”. However, I received no notice. I ended up going to the post office on Saturday and told them my story and I got the guy’s memory card.

In fact, I was relieved I finally got it, because I didn’t want to appear as a thief and get into a “he said, you said” situation. Anyway, I got the memory card exploited, and this will be the second memory card I have exploited to date for PS2 enthusiasts.

On my computer, I have started a whole new philosophy. I recently backed up all the stuff on my desktop PC, and formatted the whole 160GB hard drive. I went from 6 partitions, and went down to four. I have a partition dedicated to Windows 7, Windows XP, Swap drive, and now a drive for what I call for now “Land of Tips and Tricks”. If you watch my recent videos on GD, you can see this in my FTP video. It is a true label, as weird as it is. 🙂

Anyway, what I am doing right now from the get go is trying to live a life based off of portable applications as it makes sense. Right now I am using a handful of portable applications running off a USB stick that I use between my laptop and my PC.

Also, I have been reading and experimenting with USB sync programs. Isn’t it pretty sexy to put in your USB stick into the PC, and have it automatically sync with a folder on your PC? To me it is, and I found a great program called SyncBackSE.

Expect a future UCC session on it, as it is a badass program and very customizable. Other than that, there is this thing called The Underground Book that is to be released on June 1st. We are not pushing back the date, and there is much left to do about it.

I have to finalize the title (not that easy), and then I got to figure out what to do about the cover art. Chyea/Voltaire say they will contribute, but who knows. I got to have my contingency plans in place.

As usual, if you are a blog author, please leave an update so everyone knows what you are up to. Thanks!

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  1. Don’t worry it will be done. I have a draft which I originally intended to show you, however after rereading it I realized that I spilled out too many opinions without supporting evidence, and it ended up being extremely biased and structurally unsound.

    My exams end on the 29th, after which I will have time to complete the necessary research and revisions.

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