Claim Your Comment – A Radical New Concept Show

10-25-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, so here is a quick update as to what I have been doing recently. About two weeks ago I was talking to a new friend on Skype from the Netherlands that is a follower of GameDexterity.  Actually, he was even a follower of my old Youtube account VersatileNinja before I discontinued it.


Anyway, during our Skype conversations we were sharing stories of what it felt like to be uploading videos to Youtube, and somehow we came across the discussion of cringing whenever we see a “dumb” comment posted on a video.

After talking about it for quite a bit, we thought how funny and fun it would be to create a show where we look at comments from our videos and tear them apart?

It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but I created a teaser intro. No one knew  what the show was going to be about.  The next day I released episode one, and from what I can tell, everyone loved it!  I have gotten so many messages telling me they were laughing their ass off and they can’t wait for the second episode.

This last weekend we released the second episode, and we got another great turnout.  One person had asked if we would consider tearing apart other comments that we see from other people’s youtube videos, and I said I would think about it.

Now last night I thought about it further and decided it was a great idea!  In fact, I loved it so much that I created this new google docs form where people can submit comments they found on Youtube in hopes of us reviewing it in a future episode.  I think if enough viewers catch on, I might be able to start up a “Claim Your Comment” movement?  I was even toying about the idea of creating a video that people can host on their own channels to educate others about the “Claim Your Comment” philosophy.

Man, I am drooling just thinking about it!

To see the Claim Your Comments playlist, go here and take a look at what I have been up to!

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  1. ok so in the sheet i mention the name of the person whose comment it was, and copy paste the comment.. still, what proof is there of that person actually commenting on it? and how can we avoid fake or made up comments?
    in short will you guys try to hunt down where that comment was?

  2. I think some comments could be funny , That will get old qwick .Nevertheless people are looking for answers to problems they have ,and are not really thinking outside the box . In a frustrated attempt to make a post to fix there problems , I can see were they would make stupid ass comments or posts .I’ve made a few myself

    But knowing how things roll around here ,I’m very care full of what I say and how I say it ….
    I know if I ‘am looking for a answer to a problem ,and all I get is a donutpunched remark . Well I guess I’ll take my marbles and kick rocks ..says this Big ass kid

    • The show will continue as deemed necessary. Every day I am seeing a lot of questionable and somewhat hilarious comments, even if the commenter even did not intend them to be funny in the first place.

      Most of the comments I see are what I believe are from intelligent people, but we as a collective group need to raise the level of intelligence and caliber that our brains depend on. By not having me helping the whole collective group grow vertically, we will just continue to sustain ourselves in the same boring daily way of thinking that school or whatever has thought us to do.

      Update: After reflecting upon this some more, I realize that even myself I have been convicted of posting a dumb comment here and there only to recognize the absurdity of what I said. I’m not perfect either, but together we can raise our level of awareness is all.

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