CR-48 Laptop – I won on LucidChart!

2-15-11: Initial release.

Quick update: I was selected as one of the winners out of 100 for my Tunngle chart on! I got the email today, so I should be getting the notebook in maybe a month from now? Once I get it, I’m so going to do an unbox video on it!

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  1. I know that u r going to win this,
    U r GENIUS.

    Seriously ur chart was above my mind,like F-16 passes by my head.


  2. Hooraaay!! that is awesome!
    in other sense its like saying even google appreciates your work!!
    thats is an achievement! i think you shud put some badge or something on your youtube account , maybe a picture , with small desc of this achievment

  3. Um. I hate to bust your bubble…but the winners for LucidChart Google Chrome contest have not been named yet, nor released. Make sure you didn’t get hit with a spam or scam online. Who did you send your address to? Be careful!

  4. I also received an E-mail from LucidChart on the 15th saying that I won a CR-48. They just needed to confirm that I was 18 and a resident of the united States. It had a reference to my chart and everything. Looks legit to me.

    • Show me your chart. I want to see what you did!

      • Mine was on an experiment with Pandora. I started with an attest and charted the next songs and colored them by artist. At first the songs and artists were similar, as the experiment went on they were much more diversified. I found it interesting, I guess someone else did too.

  5. I got one too! woohoo! I’m a little anxious, so I’m curious if anyone’s gotten them yet. I filled out something for both LucidChart and Google, and then… nothing. I hear Google is keeping the shipping tracking hidden to make it a surprise. Any word?

  6. I won too!! But I haven’t received mine either. And no email for me either. Why do they have to torture us like this?

  7. My cr48 that I won From lucidchart came today!!!

    -posted from my CR48

  8. It was on my doorstep when i got home today. Delivered by UPS. No email. Depending on where you live it could arrive later. This chart should tell you when it should arrive.

  9. I’m using my CR-48! 🙂 mine came today, true to form. Congrats guys.

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