Playing PS2 Games Over SMB with Raspberry Pi 4 is Awesome

Hey everyone,

So I am a big fan of the raspberry pi since the first model, and right now I am an owner of both the raspberry pi zero w and now the raspberry pi 4 (4GB) model.

Did you know that if you are a modded ps2 user using OPL, there is a cool way of loading games over SMB without using a laptop, PC, or a router? Yes, its called using the rasberry pi 4 (which I’ll call RPI4).

Granted, the RPI4 is a bit overkill for just hosting a smb server, but I like to use it for other things such as a media center or on the fly retro gaming machine.

Whatever the case maybe, I made a quick tutorial today and have hosted it on my youtube channel. I’ve also posted the video below.

If you are interested in learning more, check out toolboc’s github at:

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  1. Oh this is nice.
    That reminds me. There is something called as lightberry. Me and a friend looked so hard to buy one readymade lightberry. But it’s just not available.

    Their YouTube channel has 5 year old video. Plz have a look at what this device does. On their site they sell the components and leave it to diy. – _-

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