The Underground Book – Title Brainstorming Session

2-16-10: Initial release.

As you may or may not have known, I am currently writing a special Underground e-book for the blog which will be released in 2010 for sure. My goal is to have it released and launched before June, and I believe it can happen.  The book is 90% done on my end.

At the time of this writing, I have to review the conclusion chapter, and then proofread the earlier chapters.  The book is approximately 66 pages long in its current state, and I expect it to get longer once Voltaire finishes his special chapter.

Anyway, I was planning to save this article for later this month, but after talking to a user on Skype tonight and telling him about the premise of the book, he got excited about it.  This in turn got me excited, and here I am writing this article to get the rest of you excited because I got a special thing going on here that will be more fun if I can pull as many of you as I can into the book writing process.

With that said, I need some help brainstorming ideas.  My intention is if I get enough of us collaborating, as a team effort we can create a badass title.  The cover art will have to come later. For now, I just want to brainstorm book titles.  If we get a really good title out, then expect me to reward the contributor(s) with a very special gift. *hush hush*

What is the book about?

To summarize what the book about in a few sentences is hard for me to do, because it would not be giving the book the justice it deserves.  However, I will try my best to paint a picture for you guys to understand what the book is about and why I wrote it.

As we all know, the blog is called “Welcome to the Underground”.  Did you ever think and wonder why I gave it that particular name?  Why not call it the “Underground Blog”, or “The Underground Scene” ?  Well, it’s simple.  It’s called personality, and that is what I wanted to give the blog.  By calling it “Welcome to the Underground”, I am welcoming you the reader to come on in and sit down.  Have a sip of hot cocoa as you read through our articles and unravel your mind to learn things that you cannot ever learn in school or from a textbook.  The world that I live in and most of us live in is called “The Underground”.  Here at the blog, I take this mantra and teach the average Joe a world he never knew existed.

In regards to the book, I take it one step further.  The book is an educational piece, and its not meant to promote piracy or offer tutorials.  Instead, it is a book that gives insight to this secretive world called “The Underground”.  What I wanted to do is write a personal piece or a memoir if you will that explains what the Underground Scene is, why is it attractive, and the kind of activities that happens in this online world.

If I gave the book to your Mom, the goal is after she finishes reading it she will know exactly why her kids behave the way they do.  The son has an iPod and its already full after one day?  How is that possible?  This book talks about torrents in general, and other tactics that educates the common user about these alternative methods of obtaining things online.  It is risky business, and the book talks about this.  Maybe the Mom will hit an inner revelation and decides that spending money for music is a waste and that she herself will go explore downloading music and throw morals out the window. There is much more to the book than this, but this is a slight tunnel into what the book is about.

Please see the teaser Table of Contents file below to see how much the book has evolved:


How Can I Help?

This is where everybody else can have a piece of the action. You know what the book is about. The theme is related to discovering this unknown world called “The Underground”.  With that said, I would love a title that has that kind of theme to it. When you read the title of this book, I want it to capture your eyes like this O_0!  I want it to irk your curiosity.  The title of the book needs to convey the image that there is this “Underground World” that has a story that needs to be told to those who will listen.

What you can do is start leaving comments with ideas. Do not think about whether or not your idea is good or not. Just post it.  The more brainstorming we do, the easier it is to get inspired and bounce off of each other.  As the discussion starts to get better and heavier, I will start capturing those title ideas and post it in the article so everyone can keep it visible in their minds.  Later on I will do a poll and we shall see as a community what we like best!

Tentative Book Titles

(To be figured out and added here)

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  1. Potential ideas. Yes, it will require a lot of work before we get something great.

    * Unveiling the Blindfold – The Underground Scene
    * The World Underneath
    * Life of the Underground
    * My Son – King of the Underground [Insight into a hidden digital world]

  2. 1) Welcome to the Underground – You have seen nothing yet.
    2) The Underground Like never before.
    3) The Underground – Where the possibility is infinity.
    4) The Underground – The art of savvy technology.
    Now keeping it real simple…
    5) E-Book – Welcome to the underground

    That’s all i can think of now.. 😐

  3. At first let me ask simple maybe stupid question: Is this book for Average Joe or for us the readers of your blog? Because I don’t think the Average Joe cares that much about how does all “The Underground” work. They just want to watch their favorite TV show and listen to the newest Lady Gaga. At least that is my observation.

    • It really is a mix of both. Those who follow the blog/youtube will appreciate the book. However, the way I see it, a lot of average Joes found this blog and then over the course of time turned themselves into a smarter average Joe.

      This book is to appeal to those type of audiences as well. It is not a stupid question, and its valid. I like it, thanks.

  4. 1) The World You Haven’t Seen
    2) Beyond Average Technology
    3) Life In The Darkness Of The Underground

  5. Тhe Scene Like Never Before – Underground

  6. how about:
    The Underground 101: the difference between tools and tools.

    • Jesus, this is great! I am sure we can start spinning this.

      Underground 101: Turning Tools Into Weapons
      Underground 101: Turning Tools Into Weapons of Knowledge

      • Uhh… Versatile why dont you have your old tagline as the title just tweaked.

        The Underground –
        The Worst We Can Do Is Teach You Something

      • Underground 101: From Tools to Jewels

        actually that kinda sounds gayer now that i typed it and see it on the screen….

        Underground 101: tools for a digital life
        Underground 101: The Internet’s Red Headed Step Child
        Underground 101: knowledge from a digital dwelling
        Underground 101: The story of a digital existence

  7. I think you already named it with the title of this post. “Brainstorm Session”
    That’s a great title

  8. Can’t wait till it’s finished

  9. 1) The Underground.
    2) The Undergrounf meets the surface.
    3) The Underground for Dummies
    4) This book may get you laid 🙂 It probably wont but it might 😉
    5) VersatileNinja’s: The Underground

  10. “Both the darkness and the light, while living life in The Underground”

  11. The Underground – Revealed dark secrets

  12. The Underground – Revealed digital secrets
    (sry for the doublepost ;))

  13. “Morning Glory” -shedding light on all the shit kids do.

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