[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

This post is dedicated to commentor “Harrison”, for it is about time I talk about this than never at all. As we all know, lots of files on the Internet that can be downloaded will need to be extracted by some kind of unzipping utility.

There are a lot of good programs like 7zip, Winrar, WinZip, and WinAce. I use WinRAR because its easy, and I have a free corporate edition from the company a long time ago. 😛

Now, the problem I see occurring in the PS2 threads are people who download an ISO file, and by the act of God, believe that what they have isn’t an ISO file, but a regular RAR or similar compressed file. Well, guess what? You have WinRAR associated with your ISO files, and because of this, you are unzipping the ISO file when you really shouldn’t.

This is how you can fix the situation:

1) Open WinRAR.

2) Go to Options -> Settings.

3) Go to the Integrations tab.

4) Unselect ISO checkbox if it is checked and select OK.

WinRAR Settings

Now you are done! No more confusion. Good luck on your unzipping journey. 😛

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  1. Kevin Franklin

    I am DUMB FOUNDED when it comes to this part…….Ive downloaded Marvel VS Capcom2 and its all rar files! i dont want to burn the game, i want to put it on my usb! Can u help me?

  2. Hey! I opened the mdf format file using powerISO, and burned the obtained files to a DVD using nero. But, it doesn’t worked on my playstation2. The mdf file contained two folders-data and modules, and two files- sles and system!

  3. Why in the world did you open the image file ?
    Don’t try to be innovative !

    Just use IMGburn and burn the MDS/MDF files !

    IMGBurn is a freeware.

  4. Doesnt work for some messed up reason.
    I have WinRAR like you, HOWEVER, the ISO is disabled. No really its disabled. And you know what happened? All my ISO files are STILL WinRAR files!

    Seriously, how do i fix this? When i uninstall it, ISO is back to normal. When reinstalled, back to a WinRAR file.

  5. I got it. If you already have “.iso” unchecked, all you have to do is check it,click OK, then open back up, and uncheck it again. There PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  6. Dear thanks for giving best and simple knowledge, I compared with other , u r the best. only one question u said oppend 1st rar file , but what to do rest OF RAR FILE , I downloaded a game it is having around 47 and all are almost same size say 46 MB.If i extract iso file from first RAR file what about rest, leave it and make disc of only that file plz. reply me .

    • That is correct. Watch the video too. Just extract the .rar , and if you don’t have that, then extract the first rar file like something.r00.

      The file will automatically extract itself from the rest of the other RAR files.

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