[How To] Play Call of Duty – World at War 5 Co-Op Online Using Hamachi (Tunngle Preferred)

Foreword: I’ve decided to put this tutorial back up, which was originally created by author Chyea for Call of Duty World at War. Please note that the preferred method is Tunngle. You need to update your game to the latest version. Please see my exclusive Tunngle video below.

Of course, this article is no way in shape or form created to promote piracy. There are legitimate players with legitimate users who want to play this game via LAN with their friends.  This is an educational piece, and shall be treated as one.  ~ Versatile

11-17-09: Re-release of an old article per indiscreet demand. MW2 is a better game. Does anyone care about this one? 🙂

1-22-10: Added tunngle video.

Tunngle Video

Chyea’s old school tutorial starts below:

Note: It is highly recommended you go to http://www.filefront.com and download ALL the game patches to update yourself t the latest version. If you need new patch files, then go to http://www.gamecopyworld.com.

All files have been scanned with NOD32 antivirus.

1. Download Hamachi (the older versions are better, the newer one didn’t work for me)


2. Run Hamachi and create a virtual LAN.

3. Download this patch for the singleplayer version of the game:

Call of Duty: World at War v1.0 PRIVATE SERVER PATCH #1

This fixes the “CD key in use” issue.

4. Paste the patch into your cod5 directory, don’t need to rename or anything.

5. Both CLIENT and the HOST of the game server will use this patch to start up your game.

6. If you encounter an error involving a conflict of CD keys, download this keygen by razor http://rapidshare.com/files/162328894/rzr-c5kg.exe

and change your cd key.

Edit: In the case that you have no friends, you can join a hamachi network with more activity. There are tons of them out there, if you know any, we’d appreciate it if you posted it in the comments.

Much thanks to RedDot, we acquired a lot more servers:

  • Name: coop zombie -> Password: 123
  • Name: coop zombie2 -> Password: 123

  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl-> Password: 123

  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl1-> Password: 123

  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl2-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl3-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl4-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl5-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl6-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl7-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl8-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl9-> Password: 123
  • Name: cod5waw.vcr.pl10-> Password: 123

Warning: if you do join a big hamachi network, be sure to go to your control panel and make sure your hamachi network is set to “public”, so that other peeps won’t be able to see your personal folders.

Don’t go anywhere, we will write a tutorial on how to play multiplayer soon.

Here’s a screenshot of it on my computer:


And here is a video of how I got mine to work, you can download it here and see it more clearly, or you can scroll down and look at the crappy youtube quality vid.


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  1. God damn I miss good old Vista, maybe I’ll go back to dual booting.

  2. I like vista only because most of the application are windows based…

  3. I hate this. There’s a new patch – 1.7, but there’s no lanfix for it

  4. The video is down…:( Can you fix it Versatile. Thanks for the good work your doing over here…..Again Thanks

  5. the tunngle vid I mean…:D thanks

  6. First of all, the link for the lanfix is dead now. It was working the other day, but I guess someone deleted it from Rapidshare. Also, I’ve tried updating to 1.6 and using a lanfix off gamecopyworld and still can’t see any Tunngle servers (btw thanks for turning me on to Tunngle…AWESOME program!). I consulted with the tunngle channel and users there said they are running version 1.6. Obviously I’m missing something here. I’m trying to setup Nazi Zombie maps for me and some friends to play. I’m using the reloaded version because *cough* I loaned my disc to a friend *cough* and did all the updates in sequence. Any ideas?

  7. is it “Call of Duty: World at War v1.0 PRIVATE SERVER PATCH #1” download or “Call of Duty: World at War v1.0 LAN FIX #1” download??

  8. Will the Tunngle method work for COD5 version 1.0? Asking because my friend and I just want to play the co-op campaign (not zombie mode) and don’t really wanna download an extra 3-4GB of patches for no reason.

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