How To Fix Laptop Battery Not Charging

Laptop Battery

10-19-13: Initial Release.

Earlier this morning, I had found out that my Dell Mini 1012 laptop was dead because I had left it on overnight in sleep mode and the battery had drained out.

So what did I do? I just reconnected the AC charger and plugged the laptop into the wall. This should have solved the issue, right?

Well, when I had done that and resumed from sleep mode to go into Windows 8, it said that my laptop was plugged in, but the battery was not charging. What the hell?

So I went online and read some articles that said to check your AC power adapter, update your ACPI battery drivers from Device Manager, and if all else fails, go as far as replace your AC power adapter and battery.

Although I did everything (except replace the AC adapter and battery), there is one tip I did that fixed everything.

First I shutdown my laptop. Then I took out the battery. Waited a couple seconds. Now I re-plugged the battery, and the AC adapter. Boot into Windows, and now it was successfully charging the battery! It seems so simple, but give that a try if your laptop battery is not charging.

If you got more tips, let me know!

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