[Edit 6/28/08] UltraSurf – World’s Best Proxy Surfing Technology

[EDIT: 1/30/08 – We at The Underground strive to get you the best programs, information, etc. It has come to my attention that Ultra Surf is not working as well as it should. Anti-virus programs have now named it a Trojan and will not let you install it with the anti-virus on. Because this file is marked potentially dangerous, you are downloading it at your own risk. If you have already downloaded it, you may remove it if you wish. There hasn’t been any large complaints about it but for the security of your info, you may want to scan your computer, delete the ultra surf file (if necessary), and find an alternative proxy program (or wait for us to do the searching for you!).]

Addition: 3/7/08 – Download link for a newer version of Ultra Surf has been added

Addition: 6/6/08 – Removed Rapidshare links to not violate WordPress ToS.

Addition: 6/28/08- Added Direct Download Link From UltraReach/Wujie (UltraSurf’s Company)

So at one point we had a post telling you all a bunch of proxies that would let you access blocked sites at school, libraries, etc. Well we found that, actually, the blocking programs got a step ahead and even blocked those site so you couldn’t even get to the proxy page in the first place. Well guess what, here at The Underground we like being the one with the step ahead so I did a little searching for you all… and found this- UltraSurf!

Why does this work instead of the proxy web site?

  • Because the web blocking programs block the sites but they can’t block a proxy program running on the computer itself.
  • That’s right, this is a program, not a website.
  • UltraSurf is the back door you are looking for!

Here is some info on UltraSurf:

So what exactly it is??

It is the flagship software product from UltraReach Internet Corp. for Internet anti-censorship. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. it enables users to browse any website freely just the same as using the regular IE browser while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background.

Learn More

What does it means??

  • 100% freedom to have 100% information in most secure way.
  • It means no matter where you are you can access 100% freeversion of internet I mean no firewalls no restriction nothing….
  • Almost all schools, universities and corporate offices raise firewalls to filter out not work related sites, now those firewalls will be of no use or they have to change their plans.
  • Everybody can access various social networks like Orkut, Youtube, Myspace, Hi5, Facebook, Linkedin etc. which are blocked almost in 99% schools and offices.
  • 100% real time and it’s encryption is better then any online banking system.

How to get going??

It’s very simple you have to just-

  • download an exe file [Download Below]
  • then extract it
  • and run
  • Set proxy if u have any (generally in offices internet are provided through proxies, you can find that, through tools>>internet options>>Connections>>LAN Settings>> there you are with proxy server for your LAN and it’s port
  • Just copy that to proxy settings of Ultrasurf.
  • Then a window will pop up, says some thing in Chinese, just close this window
  • And open fresh internet explorer
  • There you are, you can surf any information.
  • For office people: beware don’t spread words to your colleagues keep this info as limited as you can, coz if system people got to know about it then they’ll take your comp for scrutinizing.

What is the Flip Side??

I should start with a quote that I’ve learnt in my life

“Too much freedom can Make you or it can Break you”

The flip side is that you can access to anything, I think you got my point, In school, universities and Work office various sites are blocked to raise their efficiency and productivity, and it is very much likely that if anyone get freedom he/she will definitely try to miss use it.


So do you want this program now, or should I just give it to you later? Lol, like I guessed, you want to Now. Well fine I guess I can give you a couple of download links…

  • Rapidshare: [download removed]
  • NEW – VERSION 8: [download removed]
  • Geocities: on request
  • Other: on second request (shouldn’t need this but just in case)
  • Direct Download Link From UltraReach/Wujie: DOWNLOAD

Please Use Rapidshare if you can because I’m gathering points for your downloads. THANK YOU!

OK so once downloaded, unzip it (if at school, put it on your student folder so it will go with you from computer to computer, just hide it a little) and run the program. It will open up a web browser and another small program window. You will also see a Lock in the bottom right corner of the screen (I don’t know how to get it off but it doesn’t really bother me). Minimize the small program window and surf away on the web browser!

Enjoy your surfing freedom! Use it wisely and try and keep it a secrete because the schools, libraries, etc. will eventually find out if enough people are using it. This thing would spread like good gossip!!!

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  1. —Download Link has been updated with Ultra Surf: *Version 8* on 3/7/08—

  2. Hey,

    yo, stop posting rapidshare links so that u get points. take out them pics nub, plz stop harrassing them viewers!

  3. Offbeat, Your not a gangster, rapper, or anything that gives you a reason to talk like that, yo. It just sounds stupid to me. Sorry, I said it, now that that’s over with…

    I can post rapidshare links if i want to. If you don’t like it, don’t download it. I don’t really care. If it means that much to you, go to the site and do the direct download. In the mean time, the link is right there for all to download if they choose. The pictures are added to make the file size just above 1MB so that I can gain some points from the downloads. It’s only going to add like 5 seconds more to the download and it really isn’t going to hurt anyone. It’s not harassing “them viewers” at all.

    Now please stop harassing me Offbeat.

  4. ur shiz aint cool. the underground aint supposed to be for ur personal gain. ima bet that its faster to dl it online cuz them other places dont put garbage in them links yo.

    Yo, music, ur justa fag. justa big noob who dont do shiznit ’round here. and u are stupid, can’t even spell 75% of teh time. my input should make you betta, so u should take crit and make stuff betta. cuz ur post is harrassment from teh blog, and i will tell Versatile, mah mate, to boot yo arse outta here.


  5. Offbeat, I respect your opinion but comments aren’t the place to talk about what you think about me. I can talk over email all you want but all the other members came here to talk about the post’s topic, not me as a blog writer.

    So here is my reply to your lovely comment but please leave the rest to email.

    i.am.neverending (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. The PS3 post has nothing to do with the rest of my writing. It was purposed by V1, not me. Yes, it was me looking for the referrals but The Underground Blog was *not* meant to be my main referral source. Just get over it already…

    2. MMM was just me trying out a way to find a way to join The Underground with Freebie stuff but that was quickly forgotten.

    3. I offer multiple download links on request. Don’t like rapidshare? Just request another link like I say to in the post.

    4. “u should take crit and make stuff betta”
    – My only critiquing is from you and one other guy. And you call this a critique? “Yo, music, ur justa fag. justa big noob who dont do shiznit ’round here. and u are stupid, can’t even spell 75% of teh time.”

    5. “can’t even spell 75% of teh time”
    – shiz, ur, ima, dl, cuz, yo, justa, shiznit, betta, crit, teh, mah, arse, outta
    No one is perfect…

    6. “i will tell Versatile, mah mate, to boot yo arse outta here.”
    – Haven’t you already? Do you need to tell him the same thing again? Don’t bother your “mate” so much. He is busy enough with other things and doesn’t need 50 emails from you about me.

    7. “justa big noob who dont do shiznit ’round here.”
    – Mind tell me how much *you* have accomplished here on the blog? Ya, shut up.

    8. “cuz ur post is harrassment from teh blog”
    – List them. Oh, might as well leave MMM and PS3 out of it. You use them enough already, don’t you think?


  6. thats why teh 1337 speak is diff from teh web chat from blog mate.
    don’t be such a nub when it comes to things like these, ur posts are useless.
    ps3 = your gain
    MMM = your gain
    this post = your gain tbh, even if ppl want alt links, its faster to use the rs ones posted.

    what else you done? Volt and Versatile actually post fashizzle thats useful/fun to read.
    your shiz is so blatantly obvious, that if Volt were to put up links, i would use his cuz we all know that he ain’t just for hisself mate.

    and dont be dissing mah gangsta nub, and we all saw what ya did to mah mate God (B!tch? u fag). nice job scaring off a good critic fool.

    peace musicfagteria. ur music sucks, it can blow mah arse.


  7. it just dont work period

  8. I ve tried to download it at school i may need a proxy to get around the block and then i could download it

  9. If RapidShare is blocked, here is an alternative download link:

    Please use RapidShare when ever possible, Thank You!

  10. NEVER use rapidshare when possible.
    please, do NOT get sucked into this nubs trap!

  11. Um, ok… Thanks for the good constructive criticism OffBeat. It REALLY helps…

    When did RapidShare become a trap? I said “Please use RapidShare when ever possible” because the alternate download link has limited bandwidth.

    OffBeat, I’m trying to become a better writer and your bullsh!t comments aren’t helping anyone. Is there a point in saying the same thing like 50 times? Enough already – I don’t need anymore sh!t from you.

  12. haha, even Voltaire and V1 are on mah side fool.
    teh only reason u want ppl 2 use da rapidshare iz to get a premium. that’s pretty dam low mate. real cheap. who is profitted, u. xactly, so stfu mate.

    to all them peeps out there: do NOT dl from the rapidshare.
    unless music takes teh pics out.

    i have a problem with it cuz they are dl-ing xtra for a tiny program. just for ur pts. music, u suck, getting them viewers to dl extra. its like u dl a program but it comes with extra viruses and spywarez. unless u have something legitly over 2 mb or w.e, u shouldn’t get pts cuz thats just cheap.


  13. Offbeat, you are the most annoying commentor I have ever seen.

    How can you live like this?

  14. how to configure bit comet with ultra surf

  15. I don’t believe Torrents work with Ultra Surf. I could be wrong though. I’ve read through the program manual and it doesn’t mention it. If you get it to work though please share!


  16. Wow, its working with torrents!!! now i can download from my college :)))))

  17. Well i guess it does work with torrents. Surf Proxy, can you tell us what setup you had that worked with torrents? Like what Torrent Program, UltraSurf version (or if you used a program other than ultrasurf, what is it?), etc.


  18. Wow, gg music, you should’ve tried it first before putting false stuff up…. i guess i can’t really rely on what you say.

    it works with uTorrent, and the last few versions work with it.

  19. IDK God, when I first found the program I saw complaints about torrents with UltraSurf. I don’t use torrents anymore so I couldn’t try it myself, sorry. Anyway, I said I could be wrong and it turned out I was.

    So you say it works with uTorrent. Does it work with Bit Comet? That was the torrent program we were talking about before.


  20. It seems that it should. but you know, it all depends on the comp settings. actually, also the router settings. and sometimes, you can’t get a connection using US, so it will screw you up.

    Not sure if you have to port sync.

  21. thanks ultrasurf it help us to enableing of orkut in our college

  22. heh my school blocked this nice program…. best i could ever find even alowed java scrips

  23. ultrasurf for macs???

  24. Sorry My Mama, there is no version of ultrasurf for macs and please don’t ask the same question 3 times in a row in 2 minutes. It’s only going to get answered once… Thanks.

  25. unfortunately my school employs lightspeed systems, and they have blocked us using ultrasurf on the computers themselves by blocking the file path, (even on an administrator account (which i have:) ), but i guess i can find a way to get past it…or kill lightspeed…

  26. I am using this prgram too, it take over pur local IP (localhost) right?? Sometimes I activated this program coz wanna open some sites that have been blocked by my campus, and then my computer asked my to do restart (after installing program). I just clicked yes, I didnt stop the ultrsurf 1st. Then My browser cant access localhost anymore, or, not even my own IP (

    Any explanation??? Can some1 help me??


  27. Hi XokudoZ ultrasurf installs a form of zlob trojan on ure system.to get rid click start click search click all files and folders and copy and paste msmsgs.exe delete the msmgs.exe that does not have windows messenger logo.Ultarsurf stopped me from connecting to the internet via internet explorer and local host I had to down load windows diagnistic tool from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/914440 install the program Then copy and paste %windir%\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe into the Run dialog box Cclick start then click run) and follow the wizard. If the problem has not been solved, restart the program from the Run box and click “View last diagnostic log”. This should show you what is halting the browser.I found that reseting defaults on winsock witin the diagnistic tool solve my problem.I think the trojan removed files from my system which this restored.Good luck it took me a while to get this info when i had the problem.I hope it helps

  28. Hey, if you got the file fixed with the supposed trojan gone, how about you share it with the rest of us?

  29. can i have the u88 with english language pls?

  30. plzz can any one tell me config for utorrent 1.3 and userf

  31. send it to my mail it is blocked please!!

  32. Ankit Chauhan

    cn ny body send me new version of ultra surf As my previous ultra surf is not working properly or cn nybody give me solu. hw to make ultrasurf work properly

  33. Ankit Chauhan

    its blocked when i try to download someone help me!

  34. could someone send the download to icaseymoore@yahoo.com? would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Download link(s):
    Version 8.8- http://realms.shorturl.com/US.zip

    Alt. Link- http://geocities.com/mrgetmo4u/US.zip

    For all those who can’t download from rapidshare, the links above wont be blocked. If they are, I’m amazed.


  36. if there any ultra surf for mozilla firefox??

  37. I would think UltraSurf would work with any browser on a PC (not mac though). Does it not work with firefox?

  38. no it does not work with Firefox any ideas?

  39. I have ultrasurf and it seems very effective if you ask me but can anyone recommend a similar program for macs?
    Also I’ve been trying to send it through email to a friend of mine and met with limited success on multiple providers. Does anyone know an email provider that will send it?

  40. Why don’t you just zip it up and send it via yousendit.com?

    No idea for Macs, I use windows. Sorry.

  41. my school blocks ultrasurf and i really need to go on ebuddy we use inetcom1 8080 what ever that means please help
    email me taeca@rugbyschool.net
    or any new programs eg gtunnel also blocked

  42. it works on FFox. U just need to change tools:options:advanced:network:connection:settings:manual, use for all protocols.

    A google search is what helped me figure this out

  43. [Update 6/28/08]
    – direct download link added

  44. This Proxy Ultra Surf Site Iz Great You Can Use It For EEverything You Might Need ! ! !
    Its Great But,, You Need To Do More Proxys,,Some Ones That Work Really Well ! ! ! 🙂

  45. hi,, how to download Ultra surf 9.0 and from where..? can anybody give me a link plz ???

  46. hi.how to download ultrasurf9.0 n from were?? can nebody tell me d link…coz in my clg dis orkut n facebook is blockd..plzz help me out……

  47. has been working perfect. today i log on and enter my password on facebook for eg and instead of going to the home page, i go back to the ultrasurf search page.. any ideas why?

  48. hello everyone, just another query for (micro)torrents… i have setup iwth the various ultra proxies that i find in internet explorer and the one i’ve got google talk to work with but nothing is been transmitted when i try to download tv / movies… anyone got an actual fix… Ultrasuf is extremely powerful and is so tiny a program / file… thanks to the creators you have liberated many strict networks!!! I hope all those fascist internet baast**ds who over control have bad karma come their way…

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