[MMM] Money Making Mondays- Issue 3

Welcome the the Third Issue of MMM or Money Making Mondays! This is were I show everyone how to make money off of the FREEBIE Sites, among other things!

For MMM, I will try to scope out and find all the FREEBIE sites that are giving away the best stuff around!

Now I know most of you will think that this is just another way for me to get referrals for my own Freebie accounts but I am really not. I am trying to spread my knowledge to others so that they themselves can get stuff for free! If you want to get me referrals, that is Great but if you don’t that’s Fine to!

LAST WEEK’S SITE WAS: Anything4Free.com (Rating 9/10)

So, for my Third Issue of MMM, I’m going to talk about…



Prizerebel.com is probably one of the more knoticed freebie sites on The Underground Blog. Thanks to Voltaire, the majority of the Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer seekers have something to look at while they read the long, and popular, post he has here, or even on every page in the blog news section to the right —–>.

How do you make money?:

This site if offer based. It has a small referral set up but for the most part, you are on your own. You do offers from a long list, each with its own point value assigned to it for its compleation. Once you have collected enough points, you are able to choose from their prize guide or custom order an item if it is not on the prize guide.

How do I cash out?:

Cashing out is done through their “Availabe Prizes” section. They have a long list of available prizes to choose from. You can also custom order items through a support ticket system. All custom and regular prizes are fulfilled from amazon.com. That means that you can custom order anything on amazon.com but if amazon.com doesn’t have it, they probably can’t help you on that perticular item. I have personally used this site and cashed out on it with no problems. I received the prize within about a week of ordering it.

Overall Rating of Site:

This is a hard site to rate. Although it is very easy to get points, a lot of the offers mess up and don’t give credit because of cookie problems. The referral program only gives 20% of the referrals points to your account but it is an understandable amount none-the-less. I will give this site an 8/10. I can think of easier sites to get free stuff on but this one stands out with its vast selection of no-credit card-required offers. It may take longer to get the item but it can be worth the time and effort in the end!

Helpful Tips to this site:

When using this site you will have to do some work with the cookies on your computer to make sure that you will get credit for the offers on the site. For a good checklist of things to do, go to the Prize Rebel FAQ then look in the “How can I increase my chance of getting credited?” section.

In the words of our very own Versatile1, If you didn’t think there would be a MMM Issue today, “You have no faith. Thank you.”- Source

Thank you for reading the Third Issue of MMM!

Next Week I will have another site for all you try out if you choose to do so!


My refferal link for this site (for those who want to help me out): http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=53769

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